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HJSplit PHP script

This is a PHP script which splits files online (on your Website or Webserver). It is compatible with HJSplit, so you can re-join the split parts back together again (after download) using HJSplit.

Some webmasters do not have remote shell access to their websites. This prevents them from splitting big files (such as MySQL backups) into smaller files. This script will help out. Suppose you have a large 200Mb file online which is difficult to download because of its size. Using this script you can split the file into e.g. 10 pieces of 20 Mb each, after which you can download the parts individually.

How to use the script:
(1) Make sure sufficient write permission have been set on the target folder.
(2) Adjust the script variables to your needs.
(3) Upload the file 'filesplit.php' to your webserver (or run it on your local PC).
(4) For security reasons, the target filename is hard-coded inside the script. However, you can always modify the PHP code so that the target filename is set from the outside using e.g. $_GET['filename']
(5) Start the script inside a Webbrowser using something like 'http://www.your-web-site.com/filesplit.php'.
You can also run it from a shell using 'php filesplit.php'.

Download: php_filesplit2.zip (1.588 Kb).
Version: 2008-March-12
License: Freeware, open source.
Created by Umit Tirpan.

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