How to compare files
Using this screen you can find out whether two files are equal or not.
After clicking on the 'Compare' button in the main HJSplit window, you will see the following screen:
To compare two files, just perform the steps indicated below.
(1) To specify the two files you want to compare, click on the buttons 'file 1' and 'file 2' in the screen above.
(2) The name and path of the files you just selected will appear in the fields 'File1' and 'File2', please see below:
(3) Next, press the 'start' button in the screen above. HJSplit now shows a progressbar with the title 'working'.
(4) Finally, when the files are equal HJSplit will tell you 'files are equal'.
In case they are not equal, you can get the message 'files have unqual length' or 'files are not equal at position...'

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