HJSplit main screen
When you start the program by double-clicking on hjsplit.exe in the Windows Explorer, you will see HJSplit's main screen.
The HJSplit main screen gives access to all of HJSplit's features:
  1. When you want to split a file into smaller chunks, please click on the 'split' button. This opens the split screen.
  2. To combine set of split-files for restoring the original (pre-split) file,  click on the 'join' button. This opens the join screen.
  3. To check whether or not two files are equal, press the 'compare button'. This opens the file compare screen.
  4. To generate a checksum from one or more files, click the checksum button.
  5. The 'about button' displays general information on the program
  6. The 'exit button' will close the program.
  7. Clicking on the link directly below the program title on the top will open the HJSplit home page.

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