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HJSplit has been designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind. Therefore, you probably will not need a manual.

Nevertheless, for those needing some type of documentation we have included the HJSplit manuals below.

The manuals on this page are mainly intended for the Windows and Linux editions of HJSplit. You might also find them useful for the Java GUI and Windows 3.x editions.


HJSplit 2.2 Manual

   Online version of the HJSplit 2.2 manual which you can directly open inside your Web browser. Created using TreePad Business Edition

   PDF version of the HJSplit 2.2 manual. Created using TreePad Business Edition and ABC Amber TreePad converter.

   Self-running (Windows-only edition) of the HJSplit 2.2 manual. Both manual and viewer program are contained inside one executable file (2054 Kb) called 'exe-eBook'. This manual runs by itself without installing anything. This exe-eBook is created using TreePad Business Edition and compiled with TreePad's exe-eBook Creator (freeware).


HJSplit manual (german, online)

Online German manual for HJSplit (it opens directly inside your Web browser).

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